About Us

We aim to be your long-term advisor for growing your business and for creating sustainable shareholder value.

Your Career

Your career shall become our success and shall always excel you to the next level.

As a focused, independent corporate finance / mergers & acquisitions specialist, we are driven by a strong team spirit, embody a dynamic success culture and are built upon a flexible working environment. Each team member is expected to contribute with the highest level of professional excellence. The business is primarily project oriented and may contain a significant amount of travel in various countries. The absence of bureaucracy enables the professionals to focus on results, in particular client satisfaction.

The nature of the business is to "achieve the end result demanded by the client" thereby providing excellent professional experiences, fulfilling personal relationships and appropriate financial rewards.

The company is currently seeking applicants with the following experience:

If interested, please email your CV to: my.job@weigelcf.com.